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A well-dressed man seems to be a thing of the past. We have stepped away from the years of gentlemen and chivalry, but Huey Lam is bringing back that golden era. Using the right materials for your individual needs and style, Huey works with you to create fully customized suits to fit your body and lifestyle.


Once a customer makes his decision about fabric and suit style, they are measured to have the perfect customized fit, and the real work begins. Behind the scenes, the suit is crafted from scratch to meet the specified requirements. After the suit is completed a final fitting is required to guarantee the best fit, and meet any minor alteration needs.
  • The Measurement
    No two bodies are exactly the same. Some men are tall, short, slim, and round. Using our hand-tailoring measurements and 3D scanner with 750 points of measurement, no matter what your body type we precisely measure you for the best fit.
  • Template Fitting
    Try it on, walk around, stretch your arms, and take it off. With template fitting you get the feel of how your new suit will fit. Rest assured, the final product will work with your body and maximize your comfort.
  • Choose Your Style
    Set yourself apart from the crowd, and let your inner artist envision your perfect suit. Decide what colour, pattern, and trim will show your best features. With Huey’s guidance, the final product will be one that you love.
  • Final Fitting
    It’s not perfection until you are fully satisfied. We care that your suit meets your expectations, and is exactly what you envisioned. If you’re not happy with any part of the garment, or the entire suit we will mend it until you are.


Ready to get dressed?
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